November 20, 2014: Five Outbound 46s at the Bitter End Yacht Club, British Virgin Islands, after completing the 1500 mile offshore passage from Hampton, Virginia in The Salty Daug Rally.

"The Outbound is a fabulous boat. She's fast, well balanced, and the details are right.
She's a terrific boat for going to sea.."
Bill Biewenga, 4 time round the world race veteran after a transatlantic delivery

"Frannie B performed very well; good daily mileage, comfortable, dry and trouble free. Truly a "Dream Machine."
Ned and Carol sailed around the world with their son and daughter on a Cal 39 in the 90s and are
now retiring on their Outbound 44 with a cruise around South America.

Feb 11, 2015: Frannie B rounds Cape Horn.

"Whim continues to be one of the best purchase decisions we have ever made. Every time we go out we are reminded again of what a wonderful craft she is. BUT, it is NOT a good boat if one desires privacy because every one wants to talk about her."
Jack Sumner, Whim

"On our recent maiden voyage with Evensong everywhere we went people would ask about the boat.
Experienced sailors knew the boat's reputation and dreamed of getting one some day.
The experience was very gratifying for a new boat owner, confirming our own assessments."
Jan Heller, Evensong